Enterprise document translation Specialist translator in all fields, including but not limited to contracts, audit reports, company charters, financial statements, corporate annual reports, system documents, bids, product manuals, patent documents, planning books, market analysis, drawings, etc.
Personal document translation Including but not limited to medical records, theses, literature, contracts, resumes, patent documents, travel documents, immigration materials, and overseas study materials, etc.
Certificate translation Documents, certificates, foreign driving licenses, international driving licenses, passports, visas, marriage certificates, birth certificates, household registration books, household registration certificates, identity certificates, academic qualifications, diplomas, degree certificates, business licenses, registration certificates, business registration certificates, bank credit certificates, foreign notarization, and certifications, etc. Nationally recognized qualifications, with stamping service.
Localization of websites, software, and games In addition to professionalism and accuracy, cultural differences are important for translation of websites, software, and games. As a 20-year professional translation agency, ODB has rich experience in website, software, and game translation and localization. Our professional translation services exceed expectations for international clients in all fields.
Audio/video dictation transcribing and translation
Whether you want to translate conference videos, product videos, lecture videos, or video-conference recordings, ODB can provide professional, accurate and standardized dictation transcribing and translation services. Each translator follows their specialty, ensuring that the audio is accurately dictated and translated, no matter the field. After the initial dictation transcribing and translation is completed, a proofreading specialist reviews the content in depth, eliminating both specialized and general linguistic errors overlooked by the translator.
Proofreading & polishing

ODB has its own professional proofreading & polishing team, composed of foreign professionals and an in-house expert translators, providing professional review and native language editing services.
School document translation

ODB understands the teaching needs of teachers in universities, middle schools, primary schools and kindergartens, and understands that schools have heavy administrative work and are in great need of professional translation services. We have many years of experience in translating various types of documents for over a hundred colleges and universities. The document content includes transcripts, learning progress reports, school announcements, school websites, and various primary and secondary school or kindergarten documents.
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