Comprehensive translation and interpretation services
We have provided simultaneous interpretation services for major enterprises, universities, and government agencies for 20 years, including professional conferences, large events, forums, corporate annual meetings, and government conferences. We translate in 130+ languages, with translators in 34 countries. Our translators have consecutive/simultaneous interpretation and translation certificates issued by the state, and other professional certificates.
Professional translation team Comprehensive translation and interpretation services
Hong Kong ODB has 1,568 professional language translators around the world. We are a large, professional comprehensive language information service provider with output of RMB 100 million.
✔  Small-scale negotiations, factory visits, etc.               ✔  Regular meetings, VIP receptions
✔  Professional speeches, large banquets, important meetings             
✔  Large-scale simultaneous interpretation
✔  Full-time accompaniment for travel abroad
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